Study in Türkiye Challenges

Language Challenge:

The first challenge international students, especially Arabic students, may face is the language gap. Difficulty in communicating with others and understanding academic content fully might occur. However, worry not, as Turkish universities offer academic programs in English, making it easy for you to overcome this obstacle.

Even with many programs taught in English, we recommend taking Turkish language courses to improve your understanding of local culture and facilitate daily communication. This has become very easy using language apps, online language courses, and language courses offered by universities to understand Turkish.

By doing so, you not only succeed academically but also connect well with the Turkish community.

Expenses and Cost of Living:

Studying abroad can be financially burdensome due to travel costs, accommodation, food, transportation, etc. Therefore, it’s essential to plan your finances well. We suggest creating a realistic budget that meets all your needs and is easy for you to adhere to.

To reduce your expenses, look for low-cost accommodation options such as dormitories or sharing accommodation with classmates. You have the opportunity to get discounts provided to you to help cover some expenses.

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Turkish Cultural Differences:

Turkey enjoys great cultural diversity, which may be somewhat strange for new students. The solution to facing this challenge is to integrate into Turkish society by participating in local cultural and social activities and interacting with local and international students. This will help you understand Turkish culture and adapt to local customs and traditions.

Finding Suitable Accommodation:

Finding suitable accommodation is a challenge that some international students in Turkey face. To avoid getting caught in the whirlwind of searching for accommodation, familiarize yourself with the available housing options for students in Turkey to know which housing options suit your budget and preferences.

Adapting to the Educational System:

Another challenge faced by international students is adapting to the teaching method in Turkey compared to that in their home country. Therefore, we recommend familiarizing yourself with academic requirements, grading systems, and Turkish curriculum structures, and communicating with professors for the assistance you need to succeed academically.

Plan Before Studying in Türkiye

If you’re planning to study in Turkey, it’s essential to plan for all the challenges you may face. Good planning will help you overcome any potential difficulties.

Create a detailed study plan that includes the deadlines for required documents, visa processing time, housing options and location, university choice, etc. Also, develop a contingency plan to deal with any potential changes or delays.

Learn the Turkish Language:

To communicate easily and adapt to daily life in Turkey, you’ll need to learn the Turkish language. Learning the language will help you understand lectures and study materials better, as well as communicate with peers and faculty members. You can enroll in Turkish language courses to improve your language skills.

Get to Know Other International Students:

It’s important to realize that you’re not alone in facing these challenges, and many other students are experiencing the same difficulties. Therefore, seek out other international students to share experiences with, benefit from their experiences, and connect with them for advice and social and emotional support. Building a network of friends and acquaintances can serve as a safety net in a new country.

Organize Your Time:

Try to organize your time well by creating a schedule that allocates time for studying, relaxation, and pursuing your hobbies. This step will help increase productivity in studying and reduce stress.

Utilize Academic Support Services:

Take advantage of the academic resources available at the educational institution. Visit libraries, counseling, and guidance centers, and benefit from the consultation and advice available to improve your academic performance.

Participate in Student Activities:

Try to engage in student activities, social clubs, and volunteer work. These activities will allow you to interact with new people and smoothly integrate into Turkish society, enhancing your sense of belonging and happiness.


Applying these tips will enable you to overcome any challenges you face and turn them into opportunities for growth and learning. Remember that with patience and determination, you can overcome study difficulties and achieve success in your educational journey.

We hope this article has provided you with a roadmap to overcome study challenges in Türkiye. If you found this article helpful, feel free to share it with your fellow students to make the most of their studying experience in Türkiye.

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