Best private universities in Türkiye

What are the Best Private Universities in Türkiye?

A question we often receive from students coming to study in Turkey because they want to obtain an excellent education in distinguished universities.

On the our website here, our educational experts will now answer this question by publishing a list of the best private Turkish universities that have been licensed and accredited by higher education organizations, mentioning the reasons for accreditation!

Why Study at Private Universities in Türkiye?

Private universities have international recognition and a strong educational system. They are a good choice for students looking for high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Here are the 6 most important reasons why students study in the best private universities in Turkey:

  1. Private universities provide their students with a comfortable educational environment of the highest level, making them a great place to learn and study.
  2. Tuition fees in Turkish universities are at a reasonable cost, much lower than universities in the rest of European countries.
  3. Most study programs at private Turkish universities are taught in English, making them very suitable for international students who are not proficient in the Turkish language.
  4. Many Turkish universities offer discounts and scholarships for international students, which can help reduce the cost of study.
  5. Admission requirements to Turkish private universities are easier than public universities, and you do not need to pass any examinations.
  6. There are many international companies that prefer to hire students who have an accredited Turkish degree, and this gives private university students the opportunity to obtain prestigious jobs after graduation.

List of the Best Private Universities in Türkiye:​

  • Bahecjehir University 
  • Istanbul Medipol University
  • Istanbul Gelisim University
  • Istiniye University
  • Nisantasi University
  • Altinbas University
  • Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Isik University
  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • Ostim Technical University
  • Istanbul Ticaret University
  • Halic University
  • Beykoz University

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Criteria of Choosing the Best Private Universities in Türkiye

High Educational Quality

High educational quality is a goal that all students strive for, so it was the first criterion on the basis of which the above-mentioned universities were selected.

After the private universities were evaluated, we found that they meet high educational quality standards, hold international rankings, and teach their curriculam in accordance with international standards.

Efficiency of teaching staff

Faculty members play a pivotal role in educational quality in private universities, because they are responsible for transferring knowledge to students, developing their skills, and preparing them for professional life.

The faculty members in the best private universities in Turkey are highly qualified, have experience in teaching their specialties, and are able to communicate effectively with students.

Modern and Well-equipped Educational Facilities

The best private universities in Turkey are distinguished by their modern facilities, well-equipped with the latest educational methods, to support the student and the entire educational process.

Thanks to the modern facilities, students are satisfied with the quality of education they receive at the university. These facilities include libraries, laboratories, sports centers, and recreational facilities.

Success and Graduation Rate

A high graduation rate indicates that the university teaches students well and helps them overcome any difficulties in the curriculum.

The best private universities in Turkey are characterized by a high success rate. The student graduates from the university directly into the job market fully equipped with all personal and professional skills.

Modern and Relevant Curriculum

Private universities in Turkey are known to offer their curriculam tailored to students’ abilities, relevant to reality and in line with the changes occurring in the job market around us, because this helps prepare students for success in professional life.

University's Reputation and Achievements

If a university has a good reputation for education, it is likely to provide high-quality education.

The best private universities in Turkey are famous for being distinguished by the quality of their curriculam, practical training, and outstanding achievements in the field of teaching.

University's Environment Stimulating Learning

The secret of choosing the best private universities in Turkey mentioned above is that the environment of these universities is safe, healthy, stimulating for learning and encourages students to cooperate, participate and think, not memorize and memorize.

Tuition cost

The tuition cost in private universities varies according to the university and major. However, the best private universities in Turkey are at a reasonable cost compared to the quality of education provided that the student obtains.

In conclusion..​

International students acknowledge that their experience in Turkey was a wonderful, enriching experience, and they recommend it to international students who intend to study abroad.

You can study at the best private universities in Turkey and benefit from their advantages and educational quality that give you an excellent and unparalleled education.

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