Turkish Private Universities

Turkish Private Universities

Why to study at Turkish Private Universities?

Private Turkish universities are distinctive and preferred by many students from various parts of the world who wish to study abroad. One of their best and most important features is that they do not require any entrance exams for admission; they only accept high school diplomas (Bachelor’s or equivalent) for application and enrollment.

Private Turkish universities offer instruction in both English and Turkish, with moderate annual tuition fees starting from $1500. Additionally, these universities provide numerous different specializations, allowing students to choose the field of study they dream of. The following is a list of many private Turkish universities.

Private universities in Turkey are considered an attractive destination for international students seeking exceptional higher education. This is due to their globally recognized educational quality and the distinctive campus life they provide.

These universities excel in offering diverse academic programs and innovative curricula that stimulate students’ creativity and develop their abilities. Moreover, they boast professional teaching staff with extensive experience in their fields.

Turkish private universities are known for their emphasis on practical application, thorough training, and professional preparation of students from their first year until graduation.

جامعة بهتشه شهير Bahcesehir University

Bahçeşehir University

جامعة ميديبول

Istanbul Medipol University

جامعة استينيا

Istinye University

جامعة بيلجي

Istanbul Bilgi University

جامعة إيشيك

Isik University

جامعة أيدن

Istanbul Aydın University

جامعة نيشان تاشي

Nisantasi University

جامعة جيليشيم

Istanbul Gelişim University

جامعة فنار بهتشه

Fenerbahçe University

جامعة التن باش

Altinbas University

جامعة أطلس

Istanbul Atlas University

جامعة أوستم

OSTIM Technical University

جامعة بيكوز

Beykoz University

جامة اسطنبول التجارية

Istanbul Ticaret University

جامعة خليج

Halic University

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جامعة أوزيجين

Özyeğin University

جامعة البيروني

Biruni University

جامعة سابانجي

Sabanci University

جامعة قادر هاس

Kadir Has University

جامعة اوكان

Istanbul Okan University

جامعة كولتور

Istanbul Kultur University

جامعة أوسكودار


جامعة أنقرة ميديبول

Ankara Medipol University

جامعة بيكنت

Beykent University

جامعة اسطنبول كينت

Istanbul Kent University

جامعة أريل

Istanbul Arel University

جامعة بهتشه شهير قبرص

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

جامعة بهتشه شهير باتومي

Bahçeşehir Batumi University

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