Study in Türkiye

العمل أثناء فترة الدراسة في تركيا
Study in Türkiye

Can I work while studying in Türkiye?

When students consider studying abroad, they often wonder about the possibility of working during their studies in the country where they are studying. This is

تأثير الأنشطة الطلابية على حياة الطالب الجامعي
Study in Türkiye

The Impact of Student Activities on Students

As a university student striving for excellence and success, you know that your academic life shouldn’t solely revolve around classes and exams. There are numerous

الدراسة باللغة الإنجليزية
Study in Türkiye

Can I Study in Türkiye in English Language??

Considering studying in Turkey, you’re not proficient in the language, which makes you fear facing difficulties in understanding lectures, academic curriculum, and communicating with peers

صعوبات الدراسة في تركيا
Study in Türkiye

Study in Türkiye Challenges

Language Challenge: The first challenge international students, especially Arabic students, may face is the language gap. Difficulty in communicating with others and understanding academic content

افضل الجامعات الخاصة في تركيا
Study in Türkiye

Best private universities in Türkiye

What are the Best Private Universities in Türkiye? A question we often receive from students coming to study in Turkey because they want to obtain