Can I Study in Türkiye in English Language??

Considering studying in Turkey, you’re not proficient in the language, which makes you fear facing difficulties in understanding lectures, academic curriculum, and communicating with peers and professors.

Did you know that you can study in Turkey in English?

Many prestigious Turkish universities offer high-quality education in English as it is a globally recognized teaching language that international students can understand.

If you’re thinking about studying in Turkey in English, then Turkey is your ideal destination.. Keep reading to learn all the details about studying in English at Turkish universities.

The Importance of Studying in Turkey in English

English is one of the most widely spoken and used languages in the world, and this also applies to Turkey. English is considered a second language in Turkey, spoken by many in daily life, universities, and workplaces.

Studying English plays a significant role in today’s business world, where English is the global communication language. Additionally, studying in English provides students with diverse job opportunities in various countries, allowing for personal and professional development.

With Turkish universities gaining a good reputation globally for offering educational specializations in English, they have become a preferred choice for many international students seeking high-quality education and better job opportunities.

What if you don’t speak English?

This might be a challenge for Arab students!

If English is not your native language, and you’re unsure about your ability to communicate and study in it, don’t worry as several things can improve your language skills and facilitate your study in Turkey in English. Such as:

Fortunately, Turkish private universities offer their students a preparatory year consisting of language courses and educational programs to teach English to international students according to their field of study.

These courses will help you learn grammar, and vocabulary, and improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English.

Try to communicate with students who speak your native language and English. You may find many of them at your university. Communicate with them, ask them questions, and learn the language through practice.

Use English in your daily life as much as possible. Try reading books and articles, and watching movies and series in English.

These activities will help you expand your vocabulary and improve your comprehension skills in the classroom.

You should be committed to learning English and improving your skills in it. It may be challenging at first, but it’s important to remember that studying in Turkey in English will enhance your personal and academic development, and open up future opportunities for you.

Is studying in Turkey in English easy?

One of the most important questions international students ask is how difficult it is to study in Turkey in English. The answer to this question requires some detail.

First and foremost, you should know that the official language in Turkey is Turkish. However, many strong private universities in Turkey offer their study programs in English. This is to attract international students and provide them with high-quality education opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that Turkish universities usually offer courses to teach English to international students and provide additional support to improve language skills.

Moreover, once you start studying in Turkey, you will find yourself surrounded by many English speakers, making it easier for you to communicate with them without having to master the Turkish language.

Additionally, if you encounter difficulty in studying in Turkey in English, don’t hesitate to seek help from professors and colleagues who have experience dealing with non-English speaking students and can provide support and advice.

It can be said that studying in Turkey in English is not difficult, but rather a challenge that you can easily overcome.

Then you will have opportunities to expand your educational and professional horizons.

By being patient, you can overcome any challenges you may face and enjoy the experience of studying in Turkey.

Benefits of Studying in English in Turkey

  •  Most companies and institutions around the world operate in English, so studying in Turkey in English increases your chances of finding high-paying job opportunities.
  • Studying in Turkey in English provides an excellent opportunity for learning and development in a multicultural international environment.
  • Turkish universities provide their students with a preparatory year to master the language, so they can absorb the study curriculum in English without facing any difficulties.
  • Being in an environment where people speak English constantly provides you with an opportunity to improve your English skills and communicate better with the outside world.

What are the requirements for studying in Turkish universities in English?

If you’re planning to study in Turkey in English, it’s important to be aware of the admission requirements for Turkish universities.

Admission requirements vary from one university to another, and from one major to another, but generally, private Turkish universities require you to submit a language proficiency certificate (if available) to ensure the student’s ability to follow English-language lessons.

Otherwise, the student must attend the preparatory year in the language before starting the study.

As for public universities, they do not allow studying in English without a language proficiency certificate, such as IELTS or TOEFL certificates. These tests measure your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English.

In addition to submitting the necessary academic documents such as high school diploma, personal photos, passport copy, and transcript, and paying the required registration fees.

Ultimately, if you’re considering studying abroad in English, Turkey is a great destination for international students. You must consider it if you want to continue your university education in a distinctive educational environment.

Where you’ll find all specializations being taught in English by a carefully selected teaching staff.

You can choose the university that suits you. Contact us to find out about tuition fees and registration requirements, while obtaining free university admission. Additionally, our students receive a special discount when registering through us!

Contact us to check the required conditions for studying in Turkey in English, and then start studying your favorite major in English in an advanced educational environment.


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