Requirements for Turkish Scholarships, and how to apply?

 Do you dream of studying in Turkey completely for free? Getting a scholarship can make this dream come true.

The Turkish government offers hundreds of fully funded scholarships as an opportunity for international students to obtain excellent education and develop their practical and personal skills in a high-quality educational environment without bearing any financial burdens.

Read this article to learn about the conditions for obtaining Turkish scholarships for free and how to apply, to turn your dream into reality.

Benefits of the Comprehensive Turkish Scholarship Program:

The comprehensive Turkish scholarships offer several benefits for students to achieve their educational goals.

  • Providing roundtrip airfare to and from Turkey for free.
  • Full financial coverage of university tuition fees.
  • Free housing and living expenses.
  • Monthly allowance for the student to cover personal expenses.
  • Access to health insurance that allows students to benefit from government hospital services for free, as well as discounts at some private hospitals.
  • Students receive free transportation cards.
  • Free language courses are provided.

The free Turkish scholarships cover all fields of study for all academic levels; from bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, diploma, and even research.

Conditions for Applying for Free Turkish Scholarships for Bachelor’s Degree:

Some conditions must be met for students to be able to register for free Turkish scholarships, including:

  • Age: The applicant must not exceed 21 years old.
  • The student must not be of Turkish nationality.
  • The student must not be enrolled in a Turkish university in the same academic degree they wish to apply for.
  • Academic GPA: The applicant’s GPA in high school must not be less than 70% for all majors, and not less than 90% for medical majors.
  • Student status: The student must have graduated or be in the final year of high school, and is allowed to apply for the Turkish scholarship until the high school diploma is issued.

Documents Required from Students to Register for Turkish Scholarships for Bachelor’s Degree:

There are a set of documents that international students must submit if they wish to obtain Turkish scholarships.

These documents include the following:

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A copy of the student’s grades transcript.
  • A recent personal photo.
  • A copy of the high school diploma, and if the student has not graduated from high school, they must submit the grades transcript of the last semester.

The Free Turkish Scholarship:

The free Turkish scholarship is a great opportunity to obtain a high-quality education at no cost.

These scholarships are considered precious gifts for students and researchers who seek to expand their academic and professional horizons.

The Turkish scholarship program helps you develop your personal and academic skills and opens up new opportunities for your professional future.

In addition, it allows you to engage in a unique educational environment. You learn in prestigious universities from experienced professors. You also have the opportunity to communicate with your fellow international students from around the world, and expand your network and experiences. And you get to know Turkish culture and enjoy a unique educational journey… all for free!

Take advantage of this wonderful program if you get the chance.

Steps to Apply for Comprehensive Turkish Scholarships:

By following all the following steps, you may be one of the lucky students accepted into the comprehensive free Turkish scholarship program!

  • Apply directly through the scholarship management website.
  • Search for available Turkish scholarships in your desired field of study.
  • Identify the universities offering those scholarships and learn about the important application requirements.
  • Write a motivational letter explaining your desire and goals in obtaining the scholarship.
  • Prepare all the required documents for applying for the scholarship.
  • Make sure that the documents meet the requirements of the scholarship provider.
  • Fill out the scholarship application form carefully and check all the required details.
  • Submit your application for the scholarship within the specified deadline, you may lose the opportunity if you do not adhere to the specified deadlines.
  • Some scholarships may require personal interviews or additional tests.
  • Follow up on your application progress and make sure to submit all required documents correctly.

If you need assistance, contact our team of educational experts at Circle to help you complete the registration correctly and accurately to increase your chances of acceptance.

Note: Acceptance into the comprehensive free Turkish scholarship program is subject to the decision of the scholarship committee after reviewing the applications of the applicants after the registration deadline. We or others cannot guarantee your receipt of the scholarship for sure, but we help you apply in the best way within the specified time according to our experience.

Registration Date for the Comprehensive Free Turkish Scholarship Program:

After learning about the conditions for obtaining free Turkish scholarships and how to apply step by step, you still need to know the specific registration date for the comprehensive Turkish scholarship program. Registration is usually open from mid-January of each year until approximately mid-February.

In conclusion; the comprehensive free Turkish scholarship is your golden opportunity to pursue your education in Turkey without having to pay any tuition or living expenses. This means that you can fully focus on your studies without worrying about financial matters.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to contact us to make sure you meet the required conditions and register for you professionally and on time.

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