studying Types In Turkey

studying types in Turkey

Many international students turned their attention to studying in Turkish universities for many reasons. When searching, you will find many opportunities and universities, but at first you should know that you have three ways to study in Turkey, which are private universities, Turkish universities and government universities.

First, private universities in Turkey
Turkish private universities are highly ranked among the universities in the world and do not require any admission tests for admission, which makes it easy to join them. as it only accepts a High School Diploma. They are distinguished universities with all the departments that the student is looking for. The university education is available in English or Turkish languages, It is reported that most universities have English as the first language of study
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Elias I Britain I

Bahcesehir University


It made me feel like I'm in my country as the team has a good positive spirit and they give the students every effort to get the best education and also treat them with a family spirit

Second, public universities in Turkey  

Public universities in Turkey are considered among the best universities in the world, and many of them occupy advanced positions in terms of global and local rankings, such as: Istanbul University and Middle East Technical University، and Istanbul Technical University.


In the process of selecting them from among international students, public universities depend on preferences by choosing the best among the applicants according to the required conditions.   Where many universities rely strongly on the capabilities test (YOS) or the American SAT test of all kinds, whether the first or second system, Or a comparison between advanced students and choosing the best among them according to their high school averages (bachelor’s), bearing in mind that each public university has its own separate conditions for admission and trade-offs among students.


Thirdly: Turkish Scholarship

The Turkish Scholarship is a scholarship offered by the Turkish government to foreign students from all over the world. The Turkish scholarship is also considered one of the most famous scholarship programs around the world, and they included it in almost all disciplines and all levels of study


The Turkish government also offers at least 5,000 scholarships annually, which leads to a high acceptance rate for applicants. Turkish universities are considered among the best universities at the present time because many of them have a high ranking, and Turkey has many universities ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.


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