Free Education Consultant

Our team provides full assistance to new students in choosing the right major for them by communicating with an academic advisor or with graduate students.

Guaranteed University Acceptance

Circle is providing university admission and registration services for no extra charge and ensures the best university discounts on fees.


Circle is offering students many student dormitories near their university for both males and females

Own the City

Circle provides their registered students with a list of all the places they can visit in their first year and a list of applications they will need through their university journey.

Students Activities

Organizing many activities, competitions and competitions to encourage and motivate students to share and appreciate their talents and skills.

“Because you deserve the best… and we know that beginnings are always difficult.” We offer you our service packages to facilitate the beginning of your university journey!

Our goal in the circle is to be a good environment for students to feel safe in, and because we were students before and we understand that the beginning of a new educational journey in the life of any student may have some obstacles and somewhat difficult, Therefore, we have customized service packages to solve these obstacles and difficulties facing students, helping our students and providing them with an easier start to their educational life in Turkey.


Third package


Second package


First package

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