Industrial Design

Create better and more beautiful products to make people’s lives easier

What is Industrial Design?

Mainly, Industrial designers design the way we live our lives, by creating, innovating and designing the popular mass-produced items that we buy, use and consume.

They are the professionals who research, design and test prototypes to maximize the functionality and desirability of the products, From cars to food packaging to consumer electronics. in their job, they take into account properties such as material, size, shape, weight, color, function and safety.

Industrial design students learn in the classroom, in the computer lab, and in the design studio. They study the history of industrial design, design visualization, and drawing, and computer-aided dimensional design, materials and processes, and making models.

In the simplest terms, This is a degree for someone who loves art and loves to make things. It is a degree found at the intersection of science and art.

You can design, create and build the coolest place in the world.
But it takes people to turn the dream into reality.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney

Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design - Four Years A bachelor's degree in industrial design is usually the minimum qualification required to work in this field. Through this undergraduate degree, It is generally possible to get an entry-level job. Here are some sample courses offered at the undergraduate level:

  • Visual Communications – Foundation in 3D Visualization through Hand Drawing of Contemporary Designs
  • Principles of two-dimensional (2D) design
  • Concept model making
  • design history
  • Design studio – product development stages, creative and artistic styles, Objective and scientific methods
  • Technical drawing – drawing by computer
  • 3D design principles

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