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General Information about the university

Istanbul Bilgi University has won its place in the Turkish educational system since its founding in 1996 by the Bilgi Foundation for Education and Culture and contains 23,000 students and 1,000 departments, Bachelors Masters and PhD degrees of high academic quality and the university is adopting ‘ Education is for life nor only for studying’

The students of Bilgi Private University receive a very high level of education, As the university always seeks to be among the first in the university rankings and to expand the circle of its global recognition, It is a member of the European Universities Association (EUA) and several other international institutions. And it is ranked 137 for emerging universities in Central Asia and emerging Europe, according to the QS World Foundation.

Over time, Bilgi University has grown to have 4 campuses with an area of 206,000 square meters, and the number of graduates from it until 2017 reached more than 30,000 students.

It is noteworthy that the university has received several awards for quality and accreditation, including the accreditation of the (CEA), which is one of the most quality certificates for teaching English in the world. As well as accreditation for engineering sciences, The Department of Psychology is accredited (TPD) by the Turkish Psychological Association.

The university studies almost all its departments in English and is distinguished by engineering departments, as the Ottoman State Electric Museum is located inside the university

Departments Number 50

Faculties 11

Campuses Number 3

Why Bilgi University?

  • Bilgi university believes in the concept of lifelong learning and supports students to develop their abilities and skills
  • English is the primary language of education
  • Owns a talent management, support and encouragement center
  • Continuously developing its educational curriculum
  • The university has many study abroad programs that students participate in to broaden their horizons
  • It has an International Students Office that works hard to help students adjust to the new academic life and provides them with many services that include: Organizing social events most notably a seminar to help them deal with cultural differences and other difficulties
  • It has more than 600 active partnerships worldwide which makes it the leading university for international programs in Turkey
  • The university administration is interested in expanding its global relations and partnerships. It is a member of the European Universities Association (EUA) and several other international institutions.

What are the majors available at the university?

The university has 11 faculties, 3 institutes, and 3 vocational schools. Some of the departments are:

  • School of Architecture
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Law
  • School of Civil Aviation
  • School of Applied Science

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Bilgi University is officially recognized by the European Union and a large number of countries in the world. In addition to the university’s contract with many international universities, Through the student exchange system, It is also recognized by some Arab countries. Including Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, and Syria.

The Best Majors in the University

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